How to manage Multiple Branch Operation Set-up with Odoo ?

Multiple Branch/Unit(operation) Management Module for Single Company in Odoo

Do you have multiple unit for single company? Do you want them to be work as separate entity inside the company? Here you go, we have make plug-in that helps users to make different branch for single company with multi branch concept which works same as multi-company environment in Odoo.
Also Don't worry about the access rights too, We have added branch user/manager roles inside the Odoo app, Branch user can only access records of its specific branch and Branch manager can see records of all Branches.
Branch functionality added to Sale Order, Purchase Order, Invoice, Warehouse and Point Of Sale in Odoo.


Branch metrics

Multi Branch Concept

It allows you to create Multiple Branch/Unit, Working as multi branch concept same as Odoo's multi company environment.
Branch access

Complete work flow for Branch.

Branch functionality added to Sales, Purchase, Invoice, Warehouse and POS, Access group created for branch manager and branch user with specific branch in Odoo.

Create Multiple Branch in Odoo

You can create multiple branch from Settings > Users > Branch.

Branch setting

Assign Branch User in Odoo

You can assign a branch for which specific user is belongs.

User assign branch

Branch On Customer in Odoo

User can set customer for specific branch by selecting branch on customer.

Branch on customer

Branch On Product Template in Odoo

User can set branch on product template, selected branch on product template will automatically added to product variant.

Product sale branch

Branch On Product Variant in Odoo

Product variants branch

Branch On Sales Flow in Odoo

While creating sales order user who is currently login, branch of the user is set as branch to the sales order and warehouse shipment address is also set according to selected branch.

Quotation branch sale

You can see created records of sale order group by branch using this filter. You can also find this branch filter in Purchase Order, Invoice, Incoming Shipment/Delivery Order, Account Bank Statement, Account Payment and Point Of Sale in Odoo.

Branch by group

Branch On Invoice in Odoo

While invoice created from the purchase order selected branch of the purchase order will automatically set on invoice.

Purchase order

After Validate invoice, Selected branch of the invoice will automatically set on Journal Entry.

Purchase order by branch

Point Of Sale in Odoo

While creating POS orders login user's branch will be pass in the POS session and the orders created by that session you can also see the branch in the POS receipt.

Branch on Session

Point of sale session

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