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We know the hassle and road less traveled for customer retention and it isn't something that frequently happens. In some cases, because of group modules or small bugs in Odoo, the end user can get trapped in the complexity of the platform. In that sort of circumstance, an end client tries to discover supporting hands which helps them come out of the problem.

Our team at Browseinfo can take care of our client’s concerns on the spot and attempt to give them effective help. After deployment and implementation of the Odoo, the cycle doesn't end here. Some of the time, end-client needs upgrades in an ERP framework to get more compelling outcomes from it. We are here to be the bridge between your Odoo problems and provides you the best possible odoo support for your any queries.

Browseinfo has an expertise in giving different administrations to ODOO/OpenERP which includes odoo support, training, Migration, Offshore and Odoo Implementation for your necessities. We have an extensive variety of services and offers to satisfy your business necessities, which you can avail of our support package.

In typical situations, support is not the same as offshore, however, we are here to provide you the best solutions which include all administrations in our Odoo ERP support package! We offer help of Odoo support beginning from 4.2 version to most recent stable form of Odoo.

Why do We think That OpenERP/ODOO is the best enterprise application available?

OpenERP/ODOO offers the extraordinary business solution for its clients, helping them to construct the baseline efficiently. With various of features and functions, OpenERP/ODOO holds best in class modules, application plugins for business having a novel and particular prerequisite. It can serve small and medium-sized business with a broad business management solutions and enable them to produce the desired revenue.

Some of the best highlights of OpenERP/ODOO include:

Compact and Large Business Management Application:

support1 OpenERP/ODOO's business application is particularly modified to run specific operation inside their relevant department. This cover project management, invoicing and accounting to proficiently deal with contracts and cost exclusively. Warehouse administration, buy and manufacturing applications are also secured with the high-end integration for the best possible business outcomes and productivity.

Market Extensions and Sales Boosting:

Support2 Various business upgrading application for organizations who are endeavoring to extend their marketing and promotions both locally and internationally is also an essential piece of OpenERP/ODOO feature. Activities connected to these applications include live video chat with the site visitor, taking care of market-related reviews, event management, and lead generation. Every one of these activities is initiated with the goal of broadening the market extent of any business, and as a beginning, the measure to support its profits. OpenERP/ODOO additionally has business application to build association's deals through client relationships such as CRM, Point of Sale and many others.

Website development and Business Production Boosting:

Support3 From Blog to eCommerce, OpenERP/ODOO's site building applications are produced with respect to the promotional approach to connect with a more extensive worldwide gathering of people of potential business customers or clients. It permits organization proprietors to build up their own websites which are search engine optimized. Also, OpenERP/ODOO helps for the advancement of numerous compelling business profitability tools and programming, for example, business insight and instant web-based online messaging service to ask for intelligence objectives and strengthen critical thinking abilities. Studies and significant to-do notes and furthermore make sure that the organization accomplishes its set generation points.

Are you searching for reliable Odoo support?

You don't get the idea of everything in life by perusing just documentation or reading a client manually. Along these lines, if you have inquiries regarding Odoo services, specialized design, technical questions, usage, beginning, or whatever else, please ask us. Our Odoo support team is ready to answer your any questions.