How Odoo MRO is useful for manufacturers & Industries?

Machine Repair Service management in Odoo

This app is useful for Manufacturers and industrial-supply companies often refer to MRO(Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) as opposed to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) require machine repair management. OEM includes any activity related to the direct manufacture of goods, where MRO refers to any maintenance and repair activity in Odoo to keep a manufacturing plant running which include Repair Service, product service repairs, service Repair Management. Maintenance is strictly connected to the stage of ideation, in which the concept of maintainability must be included.


Create machine repair order.

User can create machine repair order with machine related information.

Add machine service details

You can add machine service details like (Machine guarantee,Guarantee type).

Manage machine work order

You can manage machine repair work order (start,pending,resume,cancel).

Print Report.

You can print machine repair,diagnosis, work order reports.

Create Machine Diagnosis.

You can create machine diagnosis based on machine repair order.

Assign to Technician

Uses are allowed to assign machine diagnosis to technician.

Create machine diagnosis.

You can create diagnosis based on machine repair order.

Fully Automated work flow.

Repair order, Diagnosis and work order are fully automated with work flow process, So when anything get affected on any document, should be reflected on repair process. i.e When Quotation created and sent, it changes stage as "Quotation Sent" on repair, when work order finishes, it change as work order completed.

How to Create Repair Order

Add Machine information to be repair including machine and customer details,also have facility to assign it to technician with priority.

Machine Service Details

In machine details you Have option to select under guarantee 'yes' or 'no'. With paid or free service and description regarding it.

After filling all these information your machine repair order has been ready now you can easily print as receipt and give it to your customer.

Create Machine Diagnosis

Easy to create diagnosis in one click with same information as repair order, then you can assigned it to specific technician.

Add Machine Diagnosis Result

Assigned technician will start diagnosis based on description comes from repair order. technician will check machine and enter his result into machine diagnosis, If required technician can add extra require spare part of it under the result.

Create Quotation

After adding diagnostic results , now you can create a quotation based on that and send this quotation to your client easily by using send by email.

Confirm Sale

View Work Order

Once Quotation get confirm it will become sales order(default work flow of Odoo) and same time it will create work order on system. Which indicates that need to start working on machine to be repair.Assigned technician can start working based on work order and once click on start will automatically set start date on work order.

Start Work Order

Finish Work Order

Once Technician finished the work order will record the end date and also record the duration for the whole work order and able to generate a work order report too.

Create Invoice

After the work order has been completed Salesperson/Accountant generate invoice from the sale order and send it to client either with print or send by email. And standard Odoo invoicing work flow resume here to validate a invoice and register payment.


  • Technician : Technician can work on work order.He/She can only see his/her work order and only work on his/her assigned work order.Technician can only have reading access to diagnosis and repair order.

  • Head Technician : Head technician can see all work order also able to assign a technician on a diagnosis and work order. He/she has access to enter diagnosis result. He/She cannot change any thing on a repair order.

  • Service Manager : Service Manager creates repair order.convert it as a diagnosis able to create quotations.

  • Director Commercial :Director Commercial is the admin of this system he/she has full access rights of every thing.

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