How to Manage Service Desk request or Help desk Support Ticket in Odoo ?

How to Manage Service Desk request or  Help desk Support Ticket in Odoo ?

Website Customer Help desk Support Ticket in Odoo

If you have a question that how to do odoo account and service management, In Odoo this app almost contain everything you need for Service Desk, Technical support team, Call center management, Issue ticketing system which include issue tracking, billing payment, tech support portal, service request with time sheet to be managed in Odoo project management app. Website customer help desk support Ticketing System is used for give customer an interface where he/she can send support ticket request and attach documents from website.Support ticket will be send by email to customer and admin. for On-line ticketing system for customer support in help desk and Odoo Support.



Report in Odoo.

Print PDF - Help desk Support Ticket

Communication through Odoo

Support User / Technician can communicate with customer using chatter and fill time sheet.
Invoice icon

Create Invoice in Odoo

Support Manager can close ticket and send bill to customer.

Create Ticket / Attach Document in Odoo

Your Customer can send support ticket/help desk request from your website and also attach documents.

Review / Rating in Odoo

Customer can give feedback and rating of ticket.

Ticket assignment in Odoo

Manage your support tickets using assignment to multiple support teams.

Ticket Activity in Odoo

Activity view for help desk support ticket.
Ticket icon

Customer's Ticket Status view

Customer can check status of all support tickets submitted by him/her on My Account page in Odoo.

Website Support Ticket Configuration in Odoo

Website support ticket configuration

View Support Ticket To Public User/Login User in Odoo

Submit support ticket

Support Tickets On My Account in Odoo

Your tickets

View Support Ticket/Edit Support Ticket

Click on Edit Ticket button to edit already created support ticket. When you click on edit ticket button,It will redirect at back-end side to edit ticket in Odoo.

Support Ticket

Send Message and Attachments From Website in Odoo.

Send message and attachment

Create Task.

After assigning support ticket, "Create Task" button will appear. By clicking button, Manager can create task from current support ticket in Odoo.

Need improvement on helpdesk ticket

Escalate Team in Odoo

If you want to assign this ticket to higher level/parent team then you can use this button. After using this button help desk team and team leader will be change as per parent team. If you are in parent level then you can not escalate team.

Escalate team

Create Invoice For Support Ticket

Invoice line

Close Support Ticket

Helpdesk functional help

Support Ticket Report in Odoo

Website support ticket

Customer Rating on Support Ticket in Odoo

Helpdesk customer rating

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How to Manage Service Desk request or  Help desk Support Ticket in Odoo ?