Multi Branch POS, Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing and Accounting (#1,392)
Status: OPEN
Date: 16/06/2021
ID: 1,392
S/O number: SO2021/1426191
Reviewer: Hiral Bhatt
Module Name: bi_all_in_one_branch_ent
Version: 14.0

Assigned to
Ujjaval Patel
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I tried to run a Tax Report in the Accounting App, the issue appears to be coming from the Financial Reports For Branch Enterprise Edition, I have attached the error message and a video to show where we are getting the error, if I uninstall this app then the error goes away,

I have setup a blank database and installed the Multi Branch Apps, I am still seeing the same error when running the tax report from accounts.
Login for the DB is as follows:

DB Name = Error_On_Multi_Branch2

username – admin

password – admin

flow = accounting > reporting > tax report > error

check the attached error file

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