Issue for odoo_website_product_quote (#2,691)
Status: OPEN
Date: 24/08/2021
ID: 2,691
S/O number: SO2021/1515032
Reviewer: Tirth Mehta
Module Name: odoo_website_product_quote
Version: 12.0

Assigned to
Aneri Thakkar

after add App website product quote in my get this error

Error message:

Error to render compiling AST
AttributeError: 'website' object has no attribute 'sale_get_order'
Template: website_sale.header_cart_link
Path: /t/t[1]
Node: <t t-set="website_sale_order" t-value="website.sale_get_order()"/>

The error occured while rendering the template website_sale.header_cart_link and evaluating the following expression: <t t-set="website_sale_order" t-value="website.sale_get_order()"/>

I gor this error after click Connect

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