Issue for bi_pos_stock (#5,483)
Status: OPEN
Date: 09/12/2021
ID: 5,483
S/O number: SO2021/1705240
Reviewer: Hiral Bhatt
Module Name: bi_pos_stock
Version: 14.0

Assigned to
Vishal Makwana

I am getting error. Product quantity not showing up in front.
Kindly assist fix this bug and update me.

I would suggest that you check the module restrictions flow

The quantities are checked when a cashier clicks on Payment button. One product is okey, but If you have 20 products it becomes a problem.

The best solution is to check quality when a cashier tries to add another product to the order. That way, if product quality is more available, a cashier has to change order quantity to available quantity.

This will remove the pain of going back and finding products with excessive quantity.

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