Issue for bi_pos_product_template (#1,438)
Status: OPEN
Date: 22/06/2021
ID: 1,438
S/O number: SO2020/1241370
Reviewer: Hiral Bhatt
Module Name: bi_pos_product_template
Version: 14.0

Assigned to
Nidhi Patel


for my first install of this app I have a little issue. When I active you app, ether item are in double quantity in POS.

e.g: I clic for sale 1 Tablette iPad - I have 2 Tablettes iPad in Items selected Field.

(I have no other extra app in my POS)

Could you help me please?

For the previous question about this module, you solved issue when we select item for variant popup but not for all other Product,

Every product you selected from POS make double selection.

Could you see for that to?

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