Issue for bi_inter_company_transfer (#835)
Status: OPEN
Date: 12/05/2021
Assigned to
Ujjaval Patel


I need help to use this module.

I have 2 companies in my Odoo14 as multi-company.
I've defined a product for company1 where in the tap "purchase" I put the company2 as vendor.
If I create an request for Quote for this product using company1, I received this error message if I try to confirm the order;

"Please Select Intercompany Warehouse On company2"

I've tried everything, but I cannot understand what is missing here.
can you help me to solve the problem?

I will set up Google meet, so I can share you my screen.
Currently it is difficult for us to set up a test database for this.

What will be your email address for the Google Meet invitation?
What time today will you be available?

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