Issue - bi_all_in_one_advance_product_bundle (#1,347)
Status: OPEN
Date: 11/06/2021
ID: 1,347
S/O number: (I don't have it, the company bought from Odoo)
Reviewer: Tirth Mehta
Module Name: bi_all_in_one_advance_product_bundle
Version: 14.0

Assigned to
Hanee Patel
Reported by


We had an issue with alternative delivery addresses not being set correctly on deliveries. After digging around in the modules we notices that your modules (bi_all_in_one_advance_product_bundle and product_bundle_all) are causing a problem.

According to the field partner_dest_id is no longer used and should instead be replaced by partner_id for stock.move. We have made that change locally in our copy of the modules but both of them would be nice to have updated.

If you have questions feel free to get back to us.

Best regards
Henrik Olsson

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