Odoo logo Odoo is one of the best enterprise bundle and it has one vital element- The versatile and open source application. With the integration of the mobile app, the businesses can do ongoing management with the representatives and investors without disconnecting or affecting the work.

Mobile apps are a crucial part of daily life where it has turned into a fundamental need as opposed to an extravagance. Mobile apps now have turned into a noteworthy needs for development of business management where proficiency is expanded to most extreme level.

At, Browseinfo, we design and develop Android and iOS Apps for smartphones and tablets integrating with Odoo ERP systems. Our developers are energetic and proficient in creating the most advanced and versatile application for you. The fate of ERP has been forecast by innovation masters and mobile has seen to have an essential impact on that. We have now made the Mobile App accessible to not only our own clients, but rather we are giving a completely adaptable plan to all the Odoo suppliers to be made available to your clients. The default Mobile App configuration is developed by us, giving all the fundamental Odoo apps. This pre-set outline can be advantageously customized for any kind of prerequisites of the supplier or the customer.

Picking the correct way to deal with the Odoo apps development is an achievement for the effective task. We commonly utilize Odoo mobile development technique that has shown effective results and quick outcomes. At Browseinfo, we see how time is an important element for any business and that is the reason we make an ideal Odoo Mobile ios apps and Android apps for our customers.

Browseinfo is feeling pride as a leading iPhone and Android apps development company that holds an extensive experience in developing Odoo mobile apps. With extraordinary rivalry, the opportunity has already come and gone for the businesses to alter the solutions for profitability, steadiness and constant access to data. The Odoo mobile application is created by Odoo developers offers exceptionally basic functionalities. Additionally, not all businesses needs are the same and that is the reason the requirement for Odoo Mobile App development emerges.

With the right tools and the methods, we can make the right solutions for you.

Odoo mobile is a native application developed by the Odoo community for android and ios. With 50,000 + clients around the globe, it’s the most utilized and likely the most growing enterprise mobile application. The thought behind this application isn’t to have an odoo GUI accessible on any cell phone; there is a pleasant odoo web responsive plan for that, yet to characterize particular Odoo feature that will get the majority of their utilization on a smart-phone.

Why we Stand Out in Android and iOS application?

With odoo mobile applications, you can get access to messages, contacts, notes, track your stock, deal with your data and leads readily available and you can utilize them wherever to keep watch on our business.

We’re Experienced


Our skilled developers are having expertise developing intuitive apps for iOS & Android platforms and also robust business applications & customised modules for Odoo and Open ERP platform.

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We believe to turn your simple idea into the outstanding application which can simplify your users’ life and earn you a great success.

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We love what we do and really we are very good at it. Don’t believe it? Just share your idea and you will know.